Second Section of the China-Laos Railway Power Supply Project In Now Complete

                          信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2021-01-11

                          Vientiane, Laos - On January 9, as the last transmission wire was laid, the second phase of the external power supply project in Laos section of the China-Laos Railway was completed … a positive step forward to reach the goal of placing the project into operation by the end of March 2021.

                          As a supporting engineering effort, the external power supply project in Laos is key to the on-time and on-schedule operation of the China-Laos Railway and the infrastructure interconnectivity between the two countries.

                          The project involves four sections in total, among which the second section (the first already being completed), is located in Oudomxay Province, Northern Laos with 62.5 km of 115 kV new lines and 142 iron towers.

                          Since the start of construction on December 30, 2019, senior managers from the CSG Yunnan International Co., Ltd., has been concurrently fighting not only the firm work timetable but against the COVID-19 pandemic according to the pandemic prevention and control policies of both nations.

                          With varied challenges of construction elements stretched across vast rural areas and within an effective period less than 12 months, the Yunnan International Corporation senior managers have fully cooperated with various contractors to timely adjust the work schedule.

                          Company engineers have made specific scientific construction plans during the annual rainy season and paid close attention to safety, quality and schedule management by investing additional resources, conducting daily inspections and regularly giving staff training on skills and safety.

                          Construction continues to progress steadily with 83% of the total project now complete; the 575 Chinese and Lao workers on site are COVID free and in good condition.

                          Up next … Yunnan International Corporation senior managers will check, debug and receive the project as planned to make sure it is completed in time and following the highest international standards of quality by keeping an eye on the pandemic in Laos and arranging daily work schedules in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of the Chinese and Lao governments.

                          The Laos-China Power Investment Co. Ltd, a joint venture invested by the Yunnan International Corporation and électricité du Laos, the state corporation of Laos that owns and operates the country's electricity generation, electricity transmission and electricity distribution assets.?EDL is responsible for the external power supply project of China-Laos Railway in Laos.

                          This section runs north to Louang Namtha Province, and south to Vientiane, capital of Laos with 20 transmission lines of 115 kV and 11 substation bays, spanning a total length of more than 257 km.

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